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CCCP (Combined Community Codec Pack) 2011-07-30

What's New in Version 2011-07-30 of CCCP (Combined Community Codec Pack)

- Support for our beloved 10-bit stuff (hi10p support) in FFDShow-tryouts has been added.
- Color space matching priorities have been switched for 420P ("YV12"), to prefer YUV formats before RGB in order to minimize the possibility of libswscale RGB conversion with hi10p material.
- Playback of certain matroska clips, that incorrectly used to play at 25fps, has been fixed with FFDShow-tryouts.
- CCCP Settings and VSFilter have been adjusted for the new pre-buffering changes. Default is still no buffer, and the checkbox sets it to 10 when enabled (buffering set to other values made subtitles blink for users). The settings application currently, in case of the buffering value being non-zero, will reset the value to 10.

Updated components:
- FFDShow-tryouts 1.1.3951
- VSFilter 2.40.3514.3

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