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CCCP (Combined Community Codec Pack) 2013-05-30

CCCP (Combined Community Codec Pack) Editor's Review

Well, except for the logo, this pack is awesome! I'm not saying that is an ugly logo, but I don't like a look-a-like communist sign. Anyway, you should not care that much about the logo, if you really want a simple and efficient codec pack to play almost every movie you want. 
It was the year 2009 when, I discovered CCCP for the first time. And I wouldn't have used it, if I didn't had to playback an mkv file (HD movie files.). After several hours spent on Google, searching about how to open those files, and trying many many codecs, none of them gave me the desired results. And as a last solution, I tried CCCP (I avoided to use it in the first place, BECAUSE OF THE LOGO!<thinking that a software with such a logo, can contain some unwanted viruses and other bad software, and their website was a bit suspicious because it's very simple and doesn't have too much info on the main page.>)... Well, I decided to take the risk, after I was sure that the pack was clean and installed it.

I have to say I was surprised! For the first time, I was able to play the mkv file, without any lag, compared with other codecs that I’ve tried. While with others the sound an image were out of sync, with CCCP pack everything worked perfectly, even for 10Gb+ files. I even realized that I could watch the movies with any other video player, without being forced to use the embedded one in the package.

The pack's main components are LAV filters, Haali Media Splitter, xy-VSFilter, and the player, the easy but powerful Media Player Classic Home Cinema. These combined, gives the best movie experience. If you have a surround sound system and you really enjoy watching full HD movies at their maximum potential, this is the right tool to use. Of course, you must set the LAV Audio mixer to 5.1 or 7.1 for your speakers setup, but that is quite easy to do. Another great feature that I really used, is the "After playback feature" , that, if selected, will give the computer a command to perform whatever you want after the playback. I use this feature to shut down the computer after the movie is finished. (you can select even to play the next file in the folder, and then to shut down the computer)

Word from the producer: "CCCP (Combined Community Codec Pack) is a filter pack specifically built for playing anime. It has been assembled by some of the most knowledgeable people in the anime world, and one of the primary design goals is to play as much possible with as little as possible. It attempts to be as unintrusive on your system as possible." I never played anime with it but it's definitely great for every movie.

App pro's: Easy to install/use, very light, loads the subtitle automatic, playback every kind of video files, can save images from the movie (press Alt+i);
App con's: The logo;

Conclusion: CCCP is a powerful codec pack, a complete solution for Full HD movies, and if you have a surround sound system (after you set up the LAV codec for your sound scheme), you will feel the true high definition term. It's the easiest pack for a basic user.

What's New in Version 2013-05-30 of CCCP (Combined Community Codec Pack)

- Now a new start-of-summer May release with LAV Filters 0.57, codename "Can't Change Codename Perpetually"! This should also contain something that should make life simpler for some XP users who used to have issues with our previous LAV-bas
- As newer CCCP playback packages contain quite a few rather large differences compared to the pre-2012 ones, if you at any point need to grab the last FFDShow-tryouts based release, it, with some minor script-related fixes, is available from here
- If you want to try and use FFDShow-tryouts' raw video/audio filters with the new CCCP, see here (WIP)
- Updated components:
- LAV Filters
- MPC-HC (shows up as 7357)
- Xy-VSFilter 3.0.0."220"
- 211 with various backports and fixes
- General change log:
- Installer and settings applications
- Haali's 'Autoload VSFilter' checkbox in the settings application has been replaced with a LAV Splitter tray icon checkbox as part of the gradual Haali removal process. This setting can still be changed in Haali Splitter's settings
- A button for LAV Splitter's settings has been added to the settings application, and the buttons in general have been somewhat regrouped
- Memory leaks have been fixed in MPC-HC that happened with files that contained chapters. Thanks go to Underground78 for quickly solving this issue, and to Phantasm for helping in debugging the problem
- The update checking mechanism question that pops up during first start-up of MPC-HC no longer comes up so that the playback would start behind or in front of it. The playback will not start before you answer the question
- Audio switcher's normalization and boost features have been updated. If you do not reset settings and use these features, you might get unexpected results. Do make sure to either reset settings, or go into the options and modify the settings to match acco
- LAV Video now prefers YV12 to NV12 on XP if a 4:2:0 YCbCr color space is being tried for output. This should work around or fix some of the problems that certain XP users have been having after the switch to being LAV-based
- A pop-up menu has been added to LAV Splitter for switching streams or editions, and jumping to chapters. Enabled by default in CCCP
- Many small changes to LAV Splitter that improve the scanning speed of Matroska files when using segment linking
- Default streams are now preferred to the special 'forced' streams that LAV Splitter creates internally in case of PGS subtitles. This makes subtitles show up more often, matching the behavior to when there are no PGS subtitle tracks available. Real 'force
- A problem with segment linking and Vorbis audio extradata changes has been fixed in LAV Splitter
- The FLAC channel mask from metadata is now used by LAV Audio, fixes playback of FLAC files with non-standard channel layouts
- JPEG2000 support has been added
- Xy-VSFilter
- A blacklist update from MPC-HC has been backported. Should improve xy-VSFilter falling out of the playback chain in case of a known application that doesn't like its existence, and most probably will not get fixed
- A couple of new NV12-to-I420/YUY2/RGB color conversion code paths have been added to vd.cpp's Kasumi-based solutions as a measure to work around some weird connections that xy-VSFilter happens to create for one reason or another

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